Thursday, May 10, 2018

My Articles On Flash Fiction (Most Recent)

Some Of My Recent Articles on Flash Fiction

I hope you get a chance to read my 5,000-word article on flash fiction in Critical Insights: Flash Fiction. The editors of the collection are Michael Cocchiarale and Scott D. Emmert (Salem Press/ Gray House Publishing, Inc. Ipswich, Massachusetts, 2017). The title of my article is "Flash Fiction: From Text to Audio to Music, Stage, and Film Adaptations." There's more info on the collection at

I'm quite pleased that mine's the lead article too and I'm grateful that I got to be part of that interesting project. All the articles are in-depth and worthwhile reading and will no doubt be of help to anyone exploring the flash fiction world. 

Some other recent articles I've written:

"Flash Fiction: From Flash Text to Flash Film"
published at OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters 

"Flash Fiction: Brief And (Likely) Necessary Literature"
published at OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters 

I'm busy researching and writing some additional articles on flash fiction. It's such an interesting type of writing with a fascinating and difficult history.


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