Monday, February 11, 2013


Just last week I finally purchased W.S. Merwin's collection, The Book of Fables (Copper Canyon Press, 2007. ) I'd intended to pick up his The Miner's Pale Children for some time now but kept forgetting to do it.  It was nice to find that collection combined with his Houses and Travellers all in one large collection-- The Book of Fables.  I haven't been able to put it down nor able to forget so many of the strangely haunting pieces. 

I'd read a little of Merwin's work before, enough to realize what an outstanding writer he is (plus I'd head the same from others) and I am extremely pleased with the work in this collection.  This one's definitely a collection to keep and read over and over again.  If you like short and often beautifully enigmatic and surreal pieces, this is the collection for you too.  As Saturday Review says about the The Book of Fables, "The power of Merwin's prose must be experienced to be understood."  This collection is turning out to be one of my absolute favorites.    


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