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There are a few more openings for my next online flash fiction course. It runs for four weeks and starts on Monday, August 9, 2010. I've been teaching online courses in flash fiction since 2002 and the course continues to be quite popular. Be sure to sign up soon so you can be part of the next session-- it always fills so don't wait too long.

See signup details at

Evaluations from the last online course I taught (permission obtained from evaluators):

Barbara Farnworth
This Flash Fiction Course was an extremely valuable experience. I have attended several writing courses (in person and online) and this course was by far the best. The facilitator, Pam Casto, provided us with an amazing amount of information which was well organized and applicable to the participants. I have saved all of the lessons so that I can review them again with more leisure. My fellow students actively participated in submitting their own work and providing thoughtful critiques of one another's work. I would highly recommend this course to other writers interested in learning about flash fiction. I would love to participate in the continuation of this class.
Emma Munro
I've completed in-person and online writing courses and three factors determine a good writing course: the teacher/course facilitator; the quality of the information, and the level of interaction and support amongst the students. Pam, you are a standout as a teacher and course facilitator. You are motivating, encouraging & tireless...Your critiques and analyses teach so much. You have made this the most rewarding online writing course I've taken. I look forward to taking part in more of your courses. The quality of the information you offer is excellent. I feel I have a good grounding in flash fiction basics,
Liz Martinez:
You certainly are a one woman encyclopaedia (to coin a new phrase - a pamcastopaedia ) of information about flash fiction. I feel I received my money's worth and so much more.... I have already recommended it very highly to several other writer friends and family, and I would happily take the same course again because I know I would learn even more on different levels. And Pam, thank you so much for your dedication. You obviously really care about the work you are doing here, and about giving good quality value for money no nonsense tutoring. I really appreciate that.

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