Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Review Snips for Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction

To order your copy go to http://www.rosemetalpress.com/Catalog/Field%20Guide_more.html

Snip of Review by Sophie Powell:

"As a creative writing professor at Boston College, I frequently use collections of flash fiction, stories which usually run 1000 words or less. Given time limitations and the varying writing experience of my students, these versatile, word-limited pieces are a very approachable and satisfying form to work within. However, I always find myself floundering about when I try to explain and define this genre for the first time. As Pamelyn Casto, one of the thought-provoking, inspiring contributors, puts it: "Flash fiction is difficult if not impossible to define--and should be allowed to remain so--because this type of writing is protean. It takes takes on various shapes and uses different strategies to achieve its goals." This is why this collection is so successful, and so essential, to anyone in the field of short fiction who teaches, writes, and is interested in its history and practice. These essays are probing and explorative rather than reductive and constrictive. A true 'field guide' in spirit, I came away thoroughly more equipped to teach and write short fiction in a richer, more illuminating way."
Snip of Review by Miriam Kotzin

"Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction is destined to be a best seller. It's a valuable resource not only for writers and teachers of creative writing, but for readers who want to deepen their understanding of this popular form."
Snip of Review by Jacky Taylor

"Collectively, the twenty five essays contained here explore the different facets of writing good flash fiction and such a prismatic approach reveals much of the art to writing the very best of them. The authors, many distinguished and multi-award winners amongst them, are all actively engaged in the form as either writers, teachers or editors - some in all three - and precisely because of this experience, they don't mess around but go straight to the heart of what they want to say. Each focuses on an aspect of either writing, teaching or editing flash fiction and, as forceful advocates of the form, what they convey is frequently eloquent, often illuminating, always passionate."
Snip from Everyday Fiction

A useful, intelligent addition to the discussion of flash fiction, Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction manages to give readers what they want to know about flash fiction without limiting the genre with "strict definitions."



At 5:57 AM, Blogger Jake Freivald said...

Pam, I just posted a review of this book to Flash Fiction Online: http://www.flashfictiononline.com/c20090903-review-field-guide-writing-flash-fiction-jake-freivald.html

I mentioned this blog in it, too. :)

At 1:51 AM, Blogger Pamelyn Casto said...

Thank you so much, Jake. Great review! And as you already likely know, I really enjoy the work published at Flash Fiction Online.

At 5:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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