Thursday, January 03, 2008


I received this exciting news from Jayne Anne Phillips, author of BLACKTICKETS (one of the finest flash fiction collections I've read). In this new M.F.A. program in Newark, which just started this year, short-shorts area major part of the curriculum. Here's what The Atlantic had to say about it last summer:"

"One of the most exciting programs has yet to commence: The Rutgers-NewarkReal Lives, Real Stories M.F.A. program begins this fall and will be led bythe novelist Jayne Anne Phillips. The 33 writers entering the program rangein age from 24 to 60; one-third are students of color, many are raising families, and some have ongoing careers in other fields.""Where Great Writers are Made" by Edward J. Delaney- The Atlantic Special Fiction Issue, 2007.

The new application season has started and runs November 1 through January15. The program, says Phillips, is "very affordable, very urban, and we offer some form of funding to almost a third of our students. See all details at

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At 5:50 AM, Anonymous dorette said...


thanks for the great job and info! i've been reading your flash fction news for quite some time-- and it has grown and developed into a magnificent treasure trove about the market for flash fiction! kudos. have you ever reviewed the anthology:
women behaving badly?

"Women Behaving Badly, Feisty Flash Fiction Stories was featured in an article in Novel and Short Story market about flash fiction as one of the "go-to" books for those just beginning to experiment in this sub-genre of the short story. Women Behaving Badly is a stunning accomplishment, showcasing the talents of writers from around the world."

here's the link to the publisher..

merci! dorette

At 10:45 PM, Blogger Claire Merle said...

Hi! I have just subscribed to your flash fiction newsletter -- it is packed with information and I will be highly recommending it to other flash fiction writers. I'm afraid, this comment concerns the flash fiction online workshop you now have places on, rather than a post on your blog -- I hope you don't mind.

I have tried every way that seems feasible to subscribe to the workshop, entering my name and email as you indicated, but keep on getting return emails saying my application is unsuccessful and I shouldn't provide my email address?! Please help. Would love to take part in your workshop if there are still places!


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