Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Flash Fiction Articles Published by Writer's Digest

Today I'm going to list the feature-length articles Geoff Fuller and I co-wrote on flash fiction for various Writer's Digest publications (in case you'd like to look them up to learn more about flash fiction writing).

Pamelyn Casto and Geoff Fuller. "How To Write Short-Short Stories." Writers' Digest. Feb. 2001 issue.

Pamelyn Casto and Geoff Fuller. "Put The Flash Into Fiction." Guide ToWriting Fiction Today (A Writer's Digest Yearbook Publication). Winter 2002 issue.

Pamelyn Casto and Geoff Fuller. "Simple Complexity." Start Writing Now! Your Introduction to the Writing Life (A Writer's Digest Publication). Jan. 2002 issue.

Pamelyn Casto and Geoff Fuller. "4 Simple Steps to Short Fiction ThatShines." Writer's Digest. October 2002 issue.

Pamelyn Casto and Geoff Fuller. "Give Your Tales a Twist." Writer's Digest Yearbook:Guide To Writing Fiction Today, December 2002 issue.

Here are a couple of quotes from one of the articles (quotes I found at a Writer's Digest archive site) titled "Seven Fast Fiction Tips":
(excerpts from the February 2001 issue of Writer's Digest):

"A short-short must remain simple, from conception through execution. Not simplistic, but simple. The key is to find a good port of entry by determining the point of the story in advance."-Geoff Fuller & Pamelyn Casto

"While many short-shorts rely on a sudden shock at the end-the victim turns out to be the aggressor, the man turns out to be a woman-the most enduring manage not merely to surprise us, but also to transcend their few words. They compound meaning by linking the surface to layers that exist above, behind and beneath them."-Geoff Fuller & Pamelyn Casto

More to come another day.


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